GV 26 Acupressure Point

How Can the GV 26 Acupressure Point Help People who Worry too Much

Acupressure is not only helpful for bringing your health into your own hands, it can also help you when you feel depressed or things aren’t going your way. The good news is that you can do a simple trick to stop worrying so much and regain your confidence in yourself. All you have to do is to press an acupressure point located right below your nose. The trick is to press it slowly but firmly into your gum. Hold this point for up to three minutes, while you breathe deeply.

You are probably in one of those periods of life where you can do great things, but your doubts and fears stay in your way, stopping you from reaching your full potential. However, if you would simply press this point several times a day, you will definitely notice an improvement in your mentality. Whenever you are down, upset or worried, press this point called GV 26 and it will empower you to do great things. Use acupressure and start getting the most out of life.

Who do you prefer, young or old doctors?

DoctorSome people prefer younger doctors because they feel that the younger doctors are more aware of recent advances in medicine and medical technology. They feel that older doctors may be more set in their ways and not open to some of the new medicines and medical procedures that are available.

Other people prefer old doctors, thinking that these doctors have the experience and expertise to better diagnose and treat them. Older doctors are thought of as having wisdom that only years in the medical field can produce.

When it comes down to it, the doctor that you choose is a matter of personal preference. I like younger doctors because they tend to be more open minded in my opinion. Older doctors seem to be stubborn and set in their ways, and that is something that I don’t like in my doctors.

What to Expect When You Go to Rehab

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, at some point drug rehabilitation is going to become a necessity. In most cases, addicts cannot successfully stop using on their own, and need the treatment and support that rehab offers.

However, when it comes to actually go into rehab, many addicts resist, due to fear of the unexpected. Knowing what the drug rehab process is really like can actually allay those fears, and increase the chance that an addict will enter willingly and complete the process.

Phase One: Detoxification

When you are addicted to a drug, you have to continually take the drug in order to avoid the feelings of withdrawal that come from abstaining. You want to maintain the illusion of the good feelings that the drug brings, so you take dose after does of the drug.

The first step to rehabilitation, then, is to get the drugs out of your system. For the first several days or weeks of rehab, you’ll go through the detoxification process as your body cleans out the harmful substances. This process can be painful and uncomfortable, the severity of which depends on the drug. However, the rehabilitation center will do everything to make this process as healthy as possible; in most cases, detox is medically supervised, and you’ll receive help overcoming the symptoms of withdrawal.

Phase Two: Therapeutic

Once your body is clear of the physical symptoms of the drug, and you are on the road to regaining your physical health, rehab switches focus on to the psychological aspects of addiction. You’ll attend both individual and group therapy sessions, in which you’ll discuss the issues surrounding your addiction and learn new strategies for handling the triggers that lead you to use.

Depending on the facility, you may engage in other therapeutic activities during this time as well. For example, some facilities provide art therapy, animal therapy or sports therapy to help you recover and handle the emotions that surround your addiction and recovery. Expect to have a strict schedule during this period, and encouragement to engage in healthy activities, such as sleep and exercise.

Phase Three: Aftercare

Your time in the rehab center may end after 30, 60 or 90 days, but the process of recovery is far from over. In some cases, recovery is a lifelong process, and after you leave rehab, you’ll receive aftercare for a period of time. This might include daily or weekly check in calls with your counselor, regular therapy sessions and perhaps attendance at meetings. The idea of aftercare is that while it’s comparatively easy to stay sober in the controlled environment of the facility, in the real world it’s far more challenging, and you’ll need extra support to stay sober in that environment.

Everyone’s rehabilitation process is different, and every facility is different in terms of policies, programs and offerings. However, most follow this general process of detox, therapy and aftercare. It’s a proven process that can help you get back on your feet and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life after drugs.

Everyday health care for old people

Many people get worried-not only the old, but also health professionals and policy makers. The everyday health care for the people of the age 65 and even older can be difficult. The fact is; just the same way children are not and will never be small adults, the aged are not and will never be the gray-haired 40 years old. Old people are totally different from the inside to the outside.

Due to the old age, the effects on their functions is is highly evident for every body system. This is also true for the healthiest people whose age is 65years or more. The output of the heart reduces. Calcium in their bones and teeth moves into the blood vessels. Their vision is changed to cataracts dim. Hearing becomes a problem. Liver, kidney and lung functions slow down. They experience wear and tear within the joints with pain. Nevertheless, these alters do not equate automatically to disability. For everyday health care for the elderly, a healthy diet, regular exercise and intellectual arousal can to a great extent prevent and even delay diseases and disabilities.

Every normal age-related variables can be accompanied with extreme health challenges like heart disease and diabetes. Combined with the old age, the factor raises the complexity of their everyday health care. However, with early diagnosis, which is accompanied by effective and efficient management of the chronic diseases can allow the aged to enjoy their future being active, functional and to be self reliant members of their society.

The management of the main chronic diseases entails a prescribed medication on regular bases. Even if medication may improve the quality of life, reduce the severity of symptoms and at the same time increasing their lifespan, they have risks associated with them. For instance, research has indicated that taking a dose of four or even more prescribed drugs is a clear risk fact for later falls. With this fall, it can increase ranks related to delicate elderly.

For most health practitioners who provide everyday health care for the elderly are usually the main care providers but not necessarily geriatric health specialists or geriatricians. Definitely, the health care provider is usually younger than the patient. Moreover, he/she may be from a different ethnic or racial background. This brings about challenges in communication, though it offers a good opportunity for benefiting in mutual learning.

It is important to note that people’s attitudes and beliefs concerning the aging can to a great extent affect the way they age. For example, people with negative beliefs and attitudes about health and aging might be affected by strokes and heart attacks. But those who have a positive attitude about aging may engage in everyday health care and healthy habits such as maintenance of a standard weight and consuming a balanced diet.

In a nutshell, everyday health care of the elderly should be individualized, based on the personal values, objectives goals and preferences and life expectancy. Attention needed for an active and healthy 65 years old individuals may differ from those of a delicate 85 year old living in a nursing home. The main goals that we should strive to achieve for the health care of the elderly include delaying decline, upholding the individual self care, achieving the best quality of life and minimizing complications associated with old age.

Living with diabetes

The medicine still does not have all the answers when it comes to causes of diabetes. Why someone does and the other does not get diabetes is not entirely clear. Anyone who has a parent with diabetes it is more likely to develop diabetes. Factors that could affect about getting diabetes are related to nutrition and exercise or a viral infection at a young age, the immune system gets out of balance.

Living with diabetes
People who have diabetes, have much to handle. It is a disease that will never go away(except possibly for gestational diabetes). From moment when it is diagnosed it will take an important place in your life. Short term symptoms need to be discovered, such as a too high or low sugar. But there may be complications in the long term. The blood sugar levels should be kept as stable as possible and healthy living is necessary to make the less chance of complications. Complications that may occur can include dealing with kidney problems, eye problems and problems with foot.

Dietary management of diabetes
Previously, people with diabetes were put on a strict diet. Today, this is fortunately no longer practice. The diet should be healthy and that goes for anyone, diabetic or not. Things to look for:

  • Regularly eat the meals served more times a day. Skipping meals is not good. Some diabetic patients will still have need to eat between meals.
  • Adequate dietary fiber food. This includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, brown bread, raw vegetables.
  • Limit intake of sugar, fat and salt. Coffee or tea without sugar, but with sweeteners.
  • Do not drink much alcohol. Alcohol lowers blood sugar. Also obesity and elevated cholesterol are also reasons not to drink alcohol.
  • Eat moderate amounts.

Lifestyle advice for diabetes

  • Watch your weight, make sure you have a safe weight persists.
  • Move sufficient daily, it’s good to at least half hour each day to move so that what your heart and lungs work harder.
  • Do not start smoking or stop smoking ie you already do.
  • Keep the blood sugar as stable as possible, measure your blood sugar level regularly.
  • If you have diabetes it is advisable to check your feet daily. The flow of the arteries is often less and wounds can quickly lead to inflammation.
  • Have yourself checked regularly by the GP or internist.
  • In diabetes, the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure is present. This must be checked regularly and if necessary the GP will prescribe medication.
  • Make sure to check your eyes regularly.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a popular option for maintaining health and preventing future illnesses. You can also use alternative medicine as an adjunct to traditional medicine. A single definition doesn’t adequately describe every healing system, modality and technique of alternative medicine that falls outside the realm of mainstream medicine. The lines separating the two healthcare approaches are blurred and continually changing. Examples of this type of medicine include acupuncture, chelation therapy, Chinese medicine, Chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, naturopathic medicine, NAET, magnet therapy and reflexology. Alternative medicine is based upon the principle that your body has the innate ability to heal itself.
  • Breath-work,
  • Chinese Medicine,
  • Color Therapy,
  • Gemstone Therapy,
  • Homeopathy,
  • Raw and Living Foods,
  • Naturopathy,
  • Yoga & Meditation,
  • Natural Hygiene,
  • Music Therapy,
  • Mind-Body Medicine,
Relief from life’s frustrations, stress and anxiety
Learn to set boundaries, feel inner peace, give and receive love, increase self-esteem, turn negatives into positives.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Asia

The continent of Asia is home to many amazing tourist destinations. Five of the most awe-inspiring are located in China, Cambodia, Jordan, and India.

AsiaThe 4100 mile Great Wall of China is the symbol of both ancient and modern China. The wall is easily accessed from Beijing. China is also home to the 4000 mile long Yangtze River and it’s magnificent Three Gorges, which has provided water for thousands of centuries. The Yangtze can be reached from Shanghai or Nanjing. India’s spectacular lace patterned Taj Mahal stands as an endearing symbol of love the world over. The Taj Mahal is located on the Yamuna River in Agra. Over a dozen intricately carved Hindu temples stand at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Angkor Wat served as the capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th thru 15th centuries. Western Jordan is home to the beautiful 1st century A.D. pink hued city of Petra.

World Economic Growth

Role of Asian Giants In World Economic Growth

World Economic GrowthThere is no doubt about it; the two Asian giants, India and China, will have the largest roles in world economic growth for at least the next few decades, possibly the remainder of the century. Barring any sort of apocalyptic disaster, analysts estimate that both of their economies will have eclipsed every other nation on the face of the planet by 2050. The current largest economy, the United States, will have fallen to third place. The most interesting part of this Asian uprising is that the two different economies that are suddenly exploding in growth are doing so for two completely different reasons.

India and Technology

It is ironic that technology developed by western world countries, namely the microprocessor and the Internet, will be what catapults India, a traditionally poor country, into the space age. Although there has been little social reform, and the vast majority of the population is still deep in poverty, India has positioned itself to be the go-to country for any type of technological outsourcing. Everything from call centers to software development can be done cheaper in India, and the vast population assures a virtually unlimited labor pool. The Indian people themselves have proven to be extremely resourceful and skillful when it comes to anything technology oriented.

China and the Power of the People

Where India’s population has certainly helped its economy grow, China has grown its economy on its population. China’s economic strength comes from their sheer numbers and Socialist policies. Large groups of people can be quickly and efficiently put to whatever task a government or corporation asks of them. Because the population has played such an important role in China’s economic stimulation, some 300 million people have raised themselves from poverty. Now that the population has money, the country is beginning to see many rapid people-centric changes. Futuristic complexes and cities are planned and estimated to be completed in twenty years or less. This may sound like a pipe dream, but from a country that has yanked itself out of the dark ages in the last twenty or so years, anything is possible.


MeditationThere might be some situations in life where you might feel that the road you are trudging is all uphill and no matter how hard you try and how much you struggle things just do not seem to come your way. There may be a situation where you may be at the forefront of extreme bad luck or have been struck by an irrevocable loss. There can be many situations that might get you cornered and as a result of which you may become stressed out. Well! When life throws lemons at you then you ought to make lemonade and quench your thirst. Never back down in any such stressful situation and keep your cool so that you can regain composure and fight back.

But to do this you must firstly have a calm mind and that can be attained by healing meditation. Meditation helps your body relax and soothes your muscles so that you are free from all forms of stress and tension. It is really beneficial for the fitness of your body and boosts up your health and resistance as well. All you have to do is turn on soothing music and sit down in a firm yet relaxed posture. Sit still and close your eyes so that you are able to attain a state of peace and calm. And thereby you will shift into a relaxation state that will make you feel better.

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Mineral Cosmetic and Makeup

Mineral CosmeticThis article deals specifically with mineral makeup. After learning what mineral cosmetics are and what ingredients are in it and what the benefits are, you can decide if mineral cosmetics is right for you.

As we become more cognizant of the environment and our connection to it and about the products we put into and on our bodies, natural and organic products are taking the cosmetic industry by storm.

It’s highly likely that you’re noticing on the TV, the magazines and the internet all the skin care and cosmetic companies touting their “natural” and “organic” products. As you can imagine, just because they say so does not make it accurate. You as a consumer are entitled to be educated when it comes to cosmetics and skin care products.

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